Compliance Auditing

Service Features

  • Internal Auditing
  • Complete Management Systems
  • Legal Compliance
  • Supplier Audits
  • Contractor Management
  • Safety / Quality / Environmental
  • Virtual / Remote Audits

Do you have policies and procedures at your workplace?
Do workers know (and follow) them?
Are they appropriate to the needs of the business?
Do they cover the necessary or minimum requirements from a Health and Safety (legal) perspective?

These questions can best be answered by conducting an independent review or audit of all or a specific part of your business. It is essential to know whether or not policies and procedures are understood (and followed) by workers, and also whether they reflect the workplace activities that are performed. Unforeseen hazards or major areas of non-compliance in relation to Health and Safety legislation may be very expensive or draw unwanted attention from regulatory bodies.

Choose Safety can carry out this Health and Safety “health check” to assess how well a business conforms to necessary requirements. Importantly, any non-compliance issues will be clearly identified and you will be given clear recommendations for action(s) required to correct/address the situation(s).

Virtual / Remote Auditing - changing times call for changing business activities. Through video-conferencing platforms, Choose Safety can conduct remote audits of your business from our office. Modern video conferencing platforms enable interviews and audit meetings to be held, records and documentation to be viewed and even workplace inspections and observations. Ask us how we can help you keep on top of your audit requirements.

Knowledge of compliance will bring piece of mind when making important business decisions. If you are thinking of buying a new or existing business, it is important to be aware of any Health and Safety issues that may be present – as with financial and operational issues.

Choose Safety can carry out a full review of a business from a Health and Safety perspective. Choose Safety reviews are fully documented, showing areas of both compliance and non-compliance.

These requirements are important not only for your business, but for suppliers and contractors who work for you too.