Risk Assessment

Service Features

  • Plant & Equipment Risk Assessment
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Chemical Risk Assessment
  • Confined Space Risk Assessment
  • Height Safety Risk Assessment
  • Traffic Management Reviews
  • Bow Tie Assessment capability

Health and Safety legislation requires “employers” to address foreseeable hazards present in relation to their work activities and places of work. Once identified, the employer has an obligation (duty of care) to assess or confirm the adequacy of their current risk controls and to implement any new or additional controls that may be necessary, in order to reduce the risk to an acceptable level or to be “as low as reasonably practicable”.

In many situations, each hazard must then be formally assessed to determine the “severity” of the risk it poses, through assessing the probability and consequences of potential incidents that may result.

Choose Safety helps employers identify workplace hazards, assess the severity of risks and determine the need for additional or appropriate risk controls — addressed using the Hierarchy of Control methodology. We are competent in a range of different risk methodologies including 2D Risk matrices, Nomogram and Bow Tie. We use your own documentation if you have it, our own tried and proven templates, or develop specific documentation just for your business.