Policy and Procedure Development

Service Features

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Safe Work Method Statements - SWMS's
  • Job Safety Analysis - JSA's
  • Forms, Templates, Checklists
  • Complete Management Systems
  • Safety Management Plans

In order to help ALL personnel fully understand the business and Health and Safety requirements of their workplace and help ensure that actions are recorded, safety documentation is needed. This documentation does not need to be overly wordy and you probably do not need a procedure for everything you do.

Choose Safety helps employers develop these policies and procedures, and then assists with implementation, from Health and Safety policies down to shop floor safe work instructions and activity checklists.

Choose Safety has a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you simplify and develop your own workplace documentation.

If you are a small business, ask about our customised safety packages for SME's, sub-contractors and micro-businesses